small attentions 
safety first
for mutual safety we will have to take precautions and rules of conduct, such as the use of protective masks, the interpersonal safety distance and personal hygiene. 
attention to contact
sorry not to be able to shake hands or exchange a "pat on the back", we Italians are like this, because in this terrible period we have seen that contact and closeness are one of the best vehicles for the transmission of the virus.
until the World Health Organization declares that the pandemic is over, we must all consider ourselves as possible carriers of the virus and protect ourselves (all).
we will take care of delivering clean, disinfected bicycles and transporting you with sanitized vehicles, delivering you the PPE necessary to respect your safety and also those that will make you feel more peaceful and serene to enjoy a holiday with us.
our attentions
in this situation our effort will be to give you a well organized and peaceful holiday, without concern for the virus.
Whatever the rules and the level of restriction, they will be communicated to you before booking, and in case of problems the cancellation policy will be simple and effective.
We just want you to come to us for fun.
protective masks
surgical mask, FFP3, N99. Each has its own use.
the surgical mask is an altruistic protection: it stops the exchange of saliva particles of the wearer while preserving those close to him.
the FFP3s are selfish protections: they protect 99% of the wearer, but they have a valve that during expiation releases 100% of the air expelled from the lungs without any filter, without any protection for those close to us.
glasses are also useful for avoiding contact with potential virus-carrying substances.
Those that we usually use for the sun or sight are fine, better those enveloping cycling sports, more closed and protective.
the best gloves in this situation are the disposable latex ones, as the traditional bicycle ones, in fabric, should be washed every day.
Used on bikes they are uncomfortable, therefore they are recommended in public places, even if not imposed.
disinfectant gel
the alcoholic gel solution is useful for washing hands in the absence of water, however it is necessary, if not mandatory, to disinfect hands and body if we have to touch the mouth, nose or eyes.
obviously we will have to wait for the conclusion of the lock-down, however then we will have to follow the government's rules for distances and protections, which we hope will be less and less restrictive with the passage of time. We care about your health and therefore we will be strict in respecting everyone's safety rules, hoping that all this terrible situation will soon end that there is a quick recovery from normal life.
between us
health regulations will give us the minimum restrictions, however distance and protection help us to get rid of embarrassment and give a serene atmosphere.
By bicycle the distance will be guaranteed (to exclude accidents) and when we stop a little more than a few meters they will give us a little intimacy
Closed places
in museums, churches, in transfers in minivans or other places indoors there will be rules imposed to be respected. In these places we will adopt what makes us safe and above all serene. For your peace of mind we provide you with protective masks, gloves, minimum distances, etc.
We will try to avoid indoor restaurants and prefer outdoor dining, perhaps under a vineyard or a picnic at the lake. 
stop in a meadow or on a beach, keeping the distance of at least three meters, we can remove the face protection and enjoy the sun, the air, which in addition to producing vitamin D, sterilizes us.