due to the spread of the COVID 19 virus all our activities are stopped


COVID-19 precautions
when the "lock-down" ends in Italy and in your country, we will finally be able to meet by bicycle in Veneto, Tuscany and Puglia, or in our travels abroad.
however for safety we will have to take precautions and rules of conduct, such as the use of protective masks and safety distance. Find out what it is and how easy it is to protect yoursel.
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must know
we have created the space for your answers:
utilities - Faq on how to plan your cycling holiday. topics related to the holiday in Italy
destinations - to requests for geographical indications and of interest to know where to go and what to do.
Let's start once again
we have planned some events to return to travel by bicycle..
Puglia                        3-11 October 2020
Sardegna                  17-25 October 2020
Dobbiaco                   4-8 December 2020
Polonia                      20-30 January 2021
Lofoten                      17-28 Marz 2021
Lofoten                       23-4 July 2021
Venice and north east Italy
All our "bike-holiday" trips are available for you for advance booking, which is more convenient and ensures you a place for you, your family or friends. 
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your holiday
bike holiday
a week or more days by bicycle to discover unknown places to experience a unique emotion. clik here
short break
a pleasant break the routine with 3/4 days of relaxation and outdoor activities.        clik here
are the basis of your vacation. 
cooking class
Convivial involvement in moments of real life, in history, in traditions and with the typical products of the places to visit. 
Cycling road - Alto Profilo Tours
by Venetouring
Cycling road 
Riding with the champions. Former Giro d'Italia and Tour de France athletes with you to "challenge" them to the last climb and to compare your performances. For road cycling enthusiasts on the historic roads of the alps and dolomites. clik here
... and the bike services
bike rental
we have various types of bicycles: touring, mtb, fatbike and road, all traditional or e-bike.
transport of luggage, bicycles and assistance along the way. With minivan or minibus we make individual or group transfers.
the trip
Traveling trip or hub?
traveling trip
The bike-holiday is itinerant and every evening you arrive at a different hotel with the advantage of always seeing different locations.
The short break holiday starts from a single point, a single hotel offers more travel comfort.
why with us
tailor made
On Bici Vacanze you will find some standard proposals. You can modify them and adapt them to your needs for an unforgettable holiday.
We will take you to know and experience the area, as well as the local people, and the most attractive tourist destinations.
experiences = emotions
We will involve you in visits and real experiences, giving you emotions and sensations.
traveling with children
each route is also designed to meet the needs of children.
our affiliated hotels are used and organized even for the youngest bikers.
selfguided or guided 
A holiday without a bike guide is like a car without an engine.
self guided tour
At your choice you can select holidays guided by you: we will give you all the information to follow the route and hotel reservations.
guided tour
the tour leader will be a reference to discover the area and the touristic guides will lead you to discover history and art.